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Minor League Ball Gameday, September 24

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This sucks
This sucks
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I've received several requests to restore the daily Gameday thread and not wait until the Arizona Fall League begins, so that people have some place to discuss big baseball news, such as Manny Machado and his knee injury for example. This seems reasonable enough, so let's get back to that.

***You can follow the latest news about Machado's injury and the impact it may have on the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Chat's special Manny Machado Knee injury update stream.

***Scott Boras proposes that the World Series be held at a neutral site, at least the first game or two. What do you guys think about that? Personally I agree with Grant Brisbee that it is a terrible idea.

***Rob Neyer talks about the Kansas City Royals and their winning season. The plan worked! The Royals got over .500 and made a playoff run. Now what do you do to improve the hitting attack without hurting the pitching staff?

***I'm rooting for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the post-season because, why not?

***Baseball America has their Arizona Rookie League and Gulf Coast League Top 20 prospect lists out. Feel free to discuss but please respect their copyrights and don't post large excerpts from behind their paywall.

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