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Sunday Suggestion Thread

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Make suggestions for stuff you would like to see in the coming weeks

Good Sunday afternoon prospect watchers. We haven't had a Minor League Ball Suggestion thread in a long time, so here's one for you. Make some suggestions for stuff you would like to see.

Here is my current work queue: pieces on Jose Ramirez of the Indians, David Holmberg of the Diamondbacks, Scooter Gennett of the Brewers, Tim Beckham of the Rays, Billy Hamilton of the Reds, an end-of-year Top 75 prospects update (this is the big project for this week), 2013 MLB Draft Second round review/results, and a Prospect Retrospective for Chili Davis because I want to do one. The exact order of all that is to be determined but the Top 75 thing is the main focus. Also, there will be an Arizona Fall League preview.

As you saw yesterday, we are now taking pre-orders for the 2014 Baseball Prospect Book at We need as many pre-orders as possible to finance printing costs for the book. It will have comments on over 1,000 players, as always. I'm getting the book started this week and will post excerpts. The book is the foundation of everything I do.

Also, the Top 20 Prospect Lists for 2014 will begin once October rolls around.

In any event, make your suggestions!