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Now taking pre-orders for the 2014 Baseball Prospect Book

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Kids are back in school, Pumpkin lattes are being sold everywhere, and the lawn is going dormant. That can only mean one thing: It’s time to order The Baseball Prospect Book 2014!

John is hiding in his office for the next three months, er, writing already, and is excited about this year’s crop of up-and-comers.

I’ll be sending an email reminder, but HERE is a link for you as well. If you go to the order site,, the background of the site should be red. If it is still blue, reload/ refresh the page, and the correct version should load.

We plan to release the book February 1, 2014, but as you know, our luck has been fickle the last two years. We are working with a new printer this year, so our fingers are crossed that they are as good as we think they are.

As always, we are excited to bring the book to you, and while the next few months are never easy for our household, you guys are totally worth it!