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Minor League Ball Gameday, September 2

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Astros rookie Brett Oberholtzer throws a complete game shutout; enjoy your Labor Day

Brett Oberholtzer
Brett Oberholtzer
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon prospect watchers, and happy Labor Day to you. I have family plans for the rest of the day but will be back to full normal operations tomorrow. In the meantime, here is the daily discussion thread.

We will continue daily discussion gameday threads through the end of the baseball season, past the minor league playoffs and the major league post-season and into the Arizona Fall League. Once the AFL shuts down, we will see where things stand, but I'm thinking that the daily discussion needs to stay with us in some form through the winter.

***Yesterday's Minor League Ball Gameday discussion.

***Prospect of the Day tomorrow will be Nick Castellanos of the Detroit Tigers.

***Brett Oberholtzer threw a complete game shutout yesterday for the Houston Astros, blanking the Seattle Mariners. Amidst the wreckage of Houston's season, rookie lefty Oberholtzer has performed quite well: 4-1, 2.79 ERA, 30/7 K/BB in 48 innings, 44 hits.

If someone told you that Oberholtzer will go 11-10, 3.65 in 31 starts in 2014, with a 110/51 K/BB in 180 innings, would you believe it?  What would you expect from him in 2014?

***Today's minor league baseball schedule.

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