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Minor League Ball Gameday, September 12

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Angels prospect Michael Roth leads Double-A Arkansas to victory in Texas League playoffs; Onelki Garcia and Tommy Medica promoted to major leagues

Michael Roth
Michael Roth

Good afternoon prospect watchers. Here is today's discussion thread for all things prospect-related.

***Yesterday's Minor League Ball Gameday discussion.

***Tomorrow's Prospect of the Day will be Zach Walters of the Washington Nationals.

***Los Angeles Angels pitching prospect Michael Roth led the Arkansas Travelers to victory yesterday in the Texas League playoffs, leading to a 1-0 victory over the San Antonio Missions, fanning two over seven innings. Roth spent slightly more than half the season with Arkansas, posting a 4.21 ERA with a 51/36 K/BB in 79 innings. As you likely know, he also spent time in the major league Angels bullpen, posting a nice 17/6 K/BB in 20 innings but giving up 24 hits and a 7.20 ERA.

His FIP at 2.40 was much better than his ERA so more chances will likely come, despite his lack of velocity. He made it to the majors less than a year after being drafted in the ninth round out of South Carolina and lefties live forever. He's not a fantasy investment type, but I imagine we'll see his name on or near major league rosters for another decade.

***The Los Angeles Dodgers promoted Cuban lefty Onelki Garcia to the majors yesterday, while the San Diego Padres promoted Tommy Medica, who homered in his first big league game. I will get both players in the work queue for reports.

***Let's all give some serious Kudos to Minor League Ball community member Melotticus, for his frequent updates on minor league games in the comments section. When the daily discussion thread works, it works because YOU guys make it work. Melotticus is one of the best examples of what this community can do.

***Today's schedule of minor league games.

***At Beyond the Boxscore, Alex Skillin looks at the superb crop of 2013 National League rookie starters.

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