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Minor League Ball Gameday, August 28

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Mike Zunino returns to action for Triple-A Tacoma; Clayton Blackburn finishes with a strong season in the California League

Mike Zunino
Mike Zunino
Otto Greule Jr

Good afternoon prospect watchers. My schedule got messed up today when my son decided not to sleep last night. He didn't fall asleep until  6 AM and he woke back up at 7. Which means I didn't get any sleep either. I didn't feel it was appropriate to send him to school without any sleep, so I kept him home today. I had no child care coverage so not much baseball work got done. Anyway, sorry about that. I'm playing catch-up now.

The work queue remains as before: Reymond Fuentes, Neil Ramirez, Christian Bethancourt, and Andrew Lambo are all upcoming topics, plus a Prospect Retro for LaTroy Hawkins, plus analysis of any prospect trades that occur.

***Yesterday's Minor League Ball Gameday thread.

***The 2013 Arizona Fall League rosters were released yesterday. Jason Hunt at Faketeams has a good run-down and I'm putting one together myself in addition to the other work queue items listed above.

***Seattle Mariners prospect Mike Zunino got back in action last night with Triple-A Tacoma, returning from a hand injury, going 1-for-2 with a walk and a triple. Wanna see Mike Zunino hit a triple?

***Remember when San Francisco Giants prospect Clayton Blackburn had a rough patch for High-A San Jose back in May and June? Some people jumped on that and began dissing him since he isn't a classic projection-type guy, but he rebounded in July. He finished very strong with six shutout innings last night and a 2.40 ERA in his last 10 starts, overall going 7-5, 3.65 with a 138/35 K/BB in 133 innings with 111 hits allowed. Although his season doesn't look as good on the surface as his '12 Low-A campaign, he still ranked fourth in the California League ERA hunt. He finished second in the Sally League hunt last year. He had a very good 2013 season and under no circumstances should it be considered a disappointment. You have to remember the context.

***Today's Minor League Baseball schedule.

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