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Minor League Ball Gameday, July 30

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Scott Boras, Corey Seager, and Logan White are all very happy these days
Scott Boras, Corey Seager, and Logan White are all very happy these days
Paul Spinelli, Getty Images

Good afternoon prospect watchers. I assume there will be lots to talk about and write about over the next 36 hours. In the meantime, here is your daily discussion thread.

***Yesterday's Minor League Ball Gameday thread.

***Two homers yesterday for Los Angeles Dodgers prospect Corey Seager, now up to .308/.383/.517 for Low-A Great Lakes in the Midwest League.

***Texas Rangers outfield prospect Jairo Beras has a broken hamate bone and is out for the year. He was hitting .250/.314/.438 in 17 games in the Arizona Rookie League after cashing his $4,500,000 check.

***Seven strong innings for Cardinals prospect Alexander Reyes down in the Appy League for Johnson City last night, six hits, one run, two walks, eight strikeouts. He now has a 3.38 ERA with a 41/16 K/BB ratio in 32 innings. Someone asked me yesterday what I thought of him. The Cardinals spent $950,000 on him in December. Simple enough question. . .I like him. Everything I've heard about his arm is positive. . .low 90s, promising curveball and changeup, loose arm. Sabermetrically, I'd like to see fewer walks, but it is so early in his career that is just nitpicking.

***Alex Kienholz looks at Marlins rookie Jose Fernandez and examines how other 20-year-old major league pitchers have fared (since 1970) in their careers.

***Craig Goldstein looks at Rockies prospect Trevor Story. The good news: his glove looks fine! The bad news. . .don't ask about his bat.

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