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White Sox trade Jesse Crain to Rays for somebody. What's a fair return?

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Jesse Crain
Jesse Crain
Jonathan Daniel

The Chicago White Sox traded veteran reliever Jesse Crain to the Tampa Bay Rays this afternoon. In exchange, the Pale Hose receive. . .well, nobody knows yet. It will be some combination of players and/or cash, but multiple sources report that the two teams will negotiate the exact player/players/money as the month progresses. Ken Rosenthal tweets that the compensation will not depend on how much the currently-injured Crain pitches.

How much is Crain worth? He was having an excellent season until hurting his shoulder. We will assume that Rosenthal's information is correct and that the compensation will not be determined by how much (and how well) Crain pitches, but for the sake of argument we'll also say that he pitches effectively for the Rays in August and September.

We will make this a discussion question. Look over this mornings's review of the Rays pre-season Top 20 prospect list, and ask yourself three questions:

A) if you were the Rays, what would you be willing to give up for Crain;
B) If you were the White Sox, who would you ask for for Crain;
C) What do you think will actually happen?

I don't have a real answer for A and B, but I'll make a wild guess here and say that the White Sox will get Mikie Mahtook and Parker Markel. As stated, I'm making that up, that's a guess, based on no genuine information.

Would that sound like a fair return? Too much? Too little?

ANTI-TWITTER RUMOR DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT ATTEMPTING TO START A RUMOR. I am trying to start a discussion on what constitutes fair value for someone like Crain.

If actual names come up, we'll cover it of course.