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Introducing The Sandlot

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A few months ago, I was reading The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract. It's not so new now, having been published in 2001, but it remains a terrific resource and just one hell of a fun baseball read.

While James is best known as the father of modern baseball analysis, he's also an outstanding writer with a knack for telling stories and entertaining the audience. You can pick up the BJHBA, flip to a random page and know that you're likely to be entertained, whether you have two hours of reading time at your disposal, or two minutes.

This is part of the greatness of baseball in general. Stories.

Along those lines, I'd like to introduce a new feature here at Minor League Ball: The Sandlot.

Stories are the idea behind The Sandlot, stories that have something to do with the people behind baseball. The focus is on minor leagues of course (since this is Minor League Ball after all), but this will be different than the normal prospect analysis that is our mainstay. The Sandlot doesn't replace anything else we are doing around here, but it expands and broadens our coverage.

Lee Warren will be contributing most articles for The Sandlot. Lee is a talented writer with an eye for the game, an ear for people, and the voice to express their stories. Check out The Sandlot.