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Two former big leaguers remaking themselves in PCL

Glenallen Hill is now the manager of the Colorado Springs Sky Sox and Omar Vizquel is a roving instructor for the Angels.


The name Glenallen Hill, who slugged 186 home runs in 13 major league seasons, might evoke one of three memories – either the long home run he hit that left Wrigley Field and landed across the street on a Waveland Avenue roof, or his nightmare about spiders that led to an injury or his name appearing on the 2007 Mitchell Report.

These days he is making new memories in his first year as the manager of the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. He recently gave an interview to The Gazette in which he speaks about his regret over using PEDs, why he chose baseball over football, what we need to know about his friend Barry Bonds and why his faith is important to him.

When you hear the name Omar Vizquel, you probably think about the acrobatic plays the eleven-time Gold Glove shortstop made on a routine basis, or maybe you think about his famous feud with Jose Mesa. But he’s hoping to make a name for himself some day as a major league manager.

Vizquel’s playing days came to an end last season, but the 46-year-old has transitioned to the role of roving instructor for the Los Angeles Angels, with his most recent stop coming in Salt Lake with the Bees. Vizquel isn’t all that crazy though about paying his dues as a coach in the minor leagues. Here’s what he told the The Salt Lake Tribune this past weekend:

"I thought the process was going to be easier," he said. "I was in the big leagues a long time. ‘Why do I have to go down to the minor leagues again, just relearn what I already learned?’ But there are a lot of guys in front of you who have put in their time as managers and coaches and you have to respect that."