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Brad Miller
Brad Miller
Scott Halleran

Good afternoon prospect watchers.

So my kid came down with strep throat yesterday, plus we have my niece visiting for a few weeks and we needed to get her settled in, plus I was on twitter and trying to keep track of all the trade rumors. You would figure that after seven years I would know better than to mention any of that publicly, because any time I am obviously going to be away from the comment threads for an extended period, some sort of shouting match breaks out.

I don't know how else to explain what "don't be a douchebag" means. Good-natured ribbing is one thing; it is to be encouraged, it helps build a community, and building and sustaining the Minor League Ball community is the goal. Insulting other posters is against the rules; it drives readers away and harms the community.

I realize that sometimes the line between good-natured ribbing and genuine insults can get blurry. But almost everyone here is an adult, at least chronologically, and for most adults that line only gets blurry when they intend it to get that way. Some people will say something designed to hurt or insult, but will say it in such a way that there is plausible deniability, at least if people aren't following closely.

If someone asks a question or makes a comment that you don't like, either ignore it or respond diplomatically. If its really bad, flag it or tell me about it and I will take action if necessary. If you aren't sure something is a joke or not, ignore it or flag it rather than go nuclear.

Remember that we get new readers here every day and that not everyone has the same knowledge base. Educate each other. Keep your own peacock strutting to a minimum. Don't be a douchebag. Is it really that hard to follow this principle?

***Yesterday's Minor League Ball Gameday thread.

***Speaking of peacock strutting, there is nobody in the major leagues right now that I'm rooting harder for than Brad Miller of the Seattle Mariners. I really want to be right about that one. So far, so good. Keep it up Brad.

***New York Yankees prospect Greg Bird went 4-for-5 with three homers and seven RBI yesterday for Low-A Charleston in the Sally League, boosting his season line to .281/.404/.506. He'll be a top 100 guy if he keeps that up. The ranks of top first base prospects are pretty thin right now.

***I mentioned this on Twitter last night, but the Minnesota Twins have another outfield prospect to keep track of: J.D. Williams. He was just promoted to High-A Fort Myers where he's 5-for-11 in his first three games; he was hitting .281/.391/.461 with 15 steals at Cedar Rapids before being bumped up. Williams is a toolsy switch-hitter, age 22, with power and speed, drafted in the 10th round in 2010 from high school in Tampa, Florida. He's flashed talent before but struggled with plate discipline. He's taken a step forward this season but is easy to overlook given the other talent in the organization.

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