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90-year-old former minor leaguer sinks 2nd hole-in-one

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Bucky Boehm played six seasons in the minor leagues from 1946-51. He says hitting kept him from reaching the major leagues, but at the age of 90, he's still taking his hacks on the golf course.


At the age of 46, my golf outings have been reduced to once a year, and even then I have to warn wildlife nesting in the woods nearby that I have no idea where the ball is going once it leaves my club.

Apparently, former minor leaguer Bucky Boehm doesn’t have that problem. The 90-year-old sank his second hole-in-one recently. His first one came in 1985. His latest came at Pine Valley Golf Links in Pelham, N.H. He used an 8-iron on the 125-yard hole, knocking it straight down the fairway. The hole is uphill though, so he didn’t know about the hole-in-one at first.

"I couldn’t see it and then I started walking up toward the hole and I got there and I saw the ball in the bottom, and I said, 'Hey, Billy, it’s in the hole,'" Boehm recalled in an AP story. "I said, 'You come and look before I take it out.'"

Boehm played six seasons (833 games) in the minor leagues from 1946-51, including one with the San Diego Padres who were in the Pacific Coast League at the time. Ironically, the modern day major league Padres wore PCL throwback jerseys recently.

Boehm, whose real first name is Ed, never got a chance to play in the big leagues. He says hitting kept him from making it (he was a career .253 hitter with 47 home runs). He found another sport he loves though. He plays golf five times a week and has a 22-handicap.