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Minor League Ball Gameday, July 17

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Jose Fernandez, All Star
Jose Fernandez, All Star

Good morning prospect watchers.

I am shutting down work on all other projects so I can finish the Top 60 Prospects List update. I have spot 1-25 set. i have about 80 guys I'm looking at for the other slots. I may end up going to top 70 or 75 but we'll see. The point though is that I keep getting bogged down in other articles, so no more of that until the list is done. Eric Stults, Marco Scutaro, and prospect notes will have to wait until the list is done. I am also writing down some thoughts on pitcher injuries and durability for the next larger article.

This thread will have to suffice for today. Assuming nothing stupid happens, the list should be ready tomorrow.

***Yesterday's Minor League Ball Gameday thread has lots of highlights. Thanks again to community member melotticus in particular for providing plenty of performance updates, as well as everyone else who participates and contributes news and information.

***I remind everyone to be respectful of other posters, especially those you disagree with.

***Jason Hunt has a review of happenings at the A-ball and lower levels.