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This is a random picture of a Mike Trout hat
This is a random picture of a Mike Trout hat
Stephen Dunn

Good afternoon prospect watchers. My father-in-law is still in the hospital, so I'm on reduced work duty until that gets resolved. I did have a couple of free hours this morning and wrote the Corey Dickerson piece for you, but I didn't have time to properly review minor league news and boxscores, aside from what you guys discussed in yesterday's Minor League Ball Gameday thread.

The next things in my queue are articles about Corey Kluber of the Indians, Jeff Locke of the Pirates, third base prospect Maikel Franco of the Phillies, and Dodgers pitching prospect Ross Stripling. Work on the Top 150 Prospect List revision is also proceeding at a slow pace.

Don't forget the College World Series finals begin today between Mississippi State and UCLA. I will post a separate discussion thread for that later this afternoon.

Here is a question to get today's discussion started.

Let's say you are the Atlanta Braves. It is Game Seven of the World Series, and you have to start one of the following pitching prospects against the Boston Red Sox in Fenway Park. You are not allowed to pull a trick like letting him face one batter or giving him an ultra-quick hook; you really need to get five good innings out of him. The candidates are Trevor Bauer of the Cleveland Indians, Jake Odorizzi of the Tampa Bay Rays, Allen Webster of the Boston Red Sox (who you can acquire for this game), Taijuan Walker of the Seattle Mariners.

Remember, this isn't a "who is the best prospect" question. It is, who would you send out there right now if you had to win a game right now?