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MLB Draft Signings Update: American League

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Here is a synopsis of where teams are at and who they could target if they have money remaining.

Adam Plutko
Adam Plutko
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

AL East:

Orioles: May have a little extra room to pay Drew Dosch over slot but little extra.

Red Sox: With about $1 million left, they could make a run at Jordan Sheffield or Ryan Boldt, but I would expect them to cost more than that. Nick Zammarelli, Matthew Thaiss or Trever Morrison could get some of that. Derik Beauprez and Nick Longhi could be in the mix but they are unlikely as well.

Yankees: Cal Quantrill would be the biggest target but I don't think they have enough cash free for him. I think the big splashes are done.

Rays: Done with unexpected signings.

Blue Jays: Bickford and Hollon are wildcards. I would think they would be able to get them both signed and make a run at Jake Brentz or Rowdy Tellez.

AL Central:

White Sox: Adam Engel would be worth maxing out spending but he is likely to go back to Louisville.

Indians: Adam Plutko would be an amazing signing. Mark Payton would be a good target. Aaron Brown is a draft eligible sophomore who likely will go back to school and Wil Crowe would be a good target but would take more than they have available. Heath Quinn may be their most likely overslot signing.

Tigers: Tyler Alexander and Anfernee Grier are the most likely overslot targets. A.J. Puk would be the best target but he's going to Florida.

Royals: They got Manaea...they're done.

Twins: They are very close to their cap. Slegers and DeMuth could sign a bit under but I don't think the Twins are looking to make another splash. Logan Shore, Tyler Blatch, A.J. Bogucki and Steve Sensley are the best targets but Javy Salas may be the most Twins pick remaining unsigned at this point.

AL West

Astros: With over a million dollars remaining, Devonte German will likely get much of the remainder but in all seriousness, they could go after Kacy Clemens to get him away from Texas. It's not like he needs the money but Houston doesn't have any other big targets to go after.

Angels: Blake Goins is the biggest target and one of the few unsigned players. They may just bank the remainder if he doesn't sign.

Athletics: A.J. Vanegas, Iolana Akau and Francis Christy are potential targets but I think Dillon Overton makes sure he gets the rest of what Oakland is going to spend.

Mariners: They are encroaching on draft pick penalty at this point but they got a lot of talent locked up.

Rangers: They have a little wiggle room and could look at signing Sheldon Neuse, Jackson Lamb or Luke Lanphere if they would be willing to pay a little extra tax.