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2013 MLB Draft: Florida/Puerto Rico Region Report

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Florida and Puerto Rico are often hot beds for talent, especially Florida, but this is a down year with the college crop being less than stellar due to injury and inconsistent performance. There is a lot of talent in the state, it's just that many of the players have shown more flaws this year than improvements.

1. Chris Okey, C, HS, 35/65: Very good athelte. Hits the ball hard consistently. Good pop times. All around solid players.

2. Chris Anderson, P, JR, 40/60: Mid 90's fastball with a nice breaking ball and change. Good three pitch mix.

3. Jan Hernandez, 3B, HS, 35/60: Really fast bat. Hits the ball with auhority. Good actions as SS. Has a small chance of sticking there. Impressive player.

4. Zack Collins, 1B, HS, 35/60: Great power potential. Fast bat, good hitting ability. Polished approach. Struggles occasionally due to minor mechanical issues.

5. Brett Morales, P, HS, 35/55: Soild build. Up to 94 with excellent secondary's. Needs to work on command.

6. Cord Sandberg, OF, HS, 30/55: Phenomenal athlete. tons of power potential.

7. John Sternagel, 3B, HS, 35/55: Nothing flashy here. Just a very good hitter that can play all over and do it all well. Blue collar 5 tool guy.

8. Tyler Danish, P, HS, 35/55: Bulldog attitude. Fastball up to 95 at times. Nice slider.

9. Gunnar McNeill, 1B, HS, 30/55: Massive power potential. Really like the swing.

10. Karsten Whitson, P, JR, 25/65: Shoulder injury keeps him from the top of this list. Likely going back to Florida

11. Jonathon Crawford, P, JR, 40/55: Erratic stuff from 92-97 with fastball with a slider and change that show potenital. I think he's a reliever.

12. Willie Abreu, OF, HS, 35/50: Good all around player. Power is the carrying tool and it may take a bit to come on.

13. Brian Navarreto, C, HS, 35/50: Impressive catching skills. Good hitter as well.

14. Nick Longhi, 1B, HS, 35/50: Profiles at 1B. He's slow and won't play elsewhere so bat has to be big. I don't see it yet.

15. Tucker Neuhaus, 3B, HS, 30/50: Nice swing. Lots of power. Inconsistent, short track record and has had a string of injuries or he'd be higher.

16. Edwin Diaz, SS, HS, 30/50: good bat. Could have plus power. Good defensively at SS, could stick there.

17. J.B. Woodman, OF, HS, 30/50: Impressive tools. Not in love with the hit tool. Good power potential.

18. Oscar Mercado, SS, HS, 35/50: All glove SS could be an easy 1st rounder if the bat was better. I don't think he'll hit.

19. Harrison Cooney, P, JR, 40/55: Can pound the strike zone with upper 90's heat. Good secondary's as well. May be worth starting with closer as a fallback.

20. Ronnie Healy, C, HS, 30/50: Big power. Good actions behind the dish.

21. Stephen Alemais, SS, HS, 35/50: good defender up the middle. Ok bat better from right side

22. Bernardo Bonifacio, OF, HS, 30/50: Big arm, really fast and can hit the cover off the ball. Hit tool is an issue but impressive player. Old for the draft, though.

23. Victor Caratini, C, SO, 30/50: Very good bat. More power from the left side. Solid speed for his size. Not great defensive ability though.

24. Eugene Vazquez, OF, HS, 30/50: Toolsy athlete. Nice swing, although unusual setup.

25. Christian Arroyo, SS, HS, 30/50: polished middle infiedler with solid line drive approach at the plate.

26. Jason Sierra, OF, HS, 30/50: Strongly built guy. Good bat. Bat will have to carry him. LF/1B profile.

27. Juan Escarra, 3B, HS, 30/50: Huge power potential. Needs a lot of work to stay at 3B.

28. Ben DeLuzio, SS, HS, 30/45: Good up the middle defender. Really fast, not as confident in his bat.

29. Ian Hagenmiller, 3B, HS, 30/45: Really nice swing. Good power projection. Good arm. Not sure about defensively at 3B but could be average with work, I would think.

30. Blake Hennessey, SS, HS, 30/50: Sells out with the bat but I like the potential. Good defensively with soft hands but likely a 3B.

31. Daniel Gibson, P, JR, 35/45: Good fastball. Needs to tighten up breaking ball.

32. Carson Baranik, P, J2, 25/50: Nasty breaking ball. Good change but velo hasn't ticked past 90 yet. I expected more.

33. Ben Lively, P, JR, 35/45: Quick arm, good deception. Arm action creates command issues. Three usable pitches

34. Sean Dwyer, OF, JR, 35/45: Sweet left handed swing but hasn't shown the power a corner guy needs to.

35. Zack Powers, 3B, JR, 30/45: Skinny with good power potneital. I see him as a bit of a sleeper if he adds strength.

36. Joe Alexander Jimenez, P, HS, 30/50: Low 3/4 delivery makes slider slurvy. Could have two plus pitches with work.

37. John Kilichowski, P, HS, 30/45: FB at 90, big breaking ball.

38. Sean Brady, P, HS, 30/50: Very athletic. Solid athlete.

39. Spencer Trayner, SS, HS, 30/45: Big leg kick. Could simplify to help bat. Big arm, good D at SS.

40. Dalton Duty, 2B, HS, 30/45: line drive swing. Hits the ball hard. Good defender at 2B

41. Vickash Ramjit, 1B, SR, 35/45: He can hit. He can play RF and 1B well. Good org guy with more potential with the bat.

42. M.T. Minacci, SS, HS, 30/45: Good bat. Good arm. Solid two way guy

43. Taylor Blatch, OF, HS, 25/45: Good athlete. Short but up to 93.

44. Pete Alonso, 3B, HS, 25/45: Good power potential. Likely a 1B down the line

45. James Ramsay, OF, JR, 40/45: polished center fielder. High floor, low ceiling

46. Joseph Starling, P, HS, 30/45: Low 90's velocity. Body is soft. Unusual delivery.

47. Jeff Driskel, OF, SO, 20/55: Big power potential. Very good athlete.

48. Johneshwy Fargas, OF, HS, 25/45: Big tools. Don't believe in the bat.

49. Ian McKinney, P, HS, 30/50: Low 90's over the top. Good deception. Nice curveball

50. Dale Carey, OF, JR, 30/45: Has fallen off big at the plate. Good defender

51. Nicholas Washington, 3B, HS, 25/50: football d back may play baseball at Florida

52. Connor Castellano, 2B, SO, 25/40:
53. Javier Salas, P, JR, 25/40:
54. Danny Zardon, 3B, HS, 25/45:
55. Scott Eicholtz, RHP, HS, 25/45:
56. Josh Greene, OF, HS, 25/40:
57. Zach Alvord, 3B, JR, 25/40:
58. Nicholas Gonzalez, P, JR, 25/40:
59. Keenan Kish, P, JR, 25/40:
60. CJ Chatham, SS, HS, 25/45:
61. Jamal Martin, OF, J1, 25/40:
62. Conner Hale, 3B, J1, 25/40:
63. Mario Amaral, C, SO, 25/40:
64. Christian Pelaez, P, HS, 30/40:
65. John Magliozzi, P, SO, 25/40:
66. Ryan Gebhardt, OF, JR, 30/40:
67. Michael Arencibia, OF, JR, 30/40:
68. Daniel Sweet, OF, J1, 25/40:
69. John Underwood, 1B, J2, 25/40:
70. Luis Guillorme, SS, HS, 25/40:

Name POS Pos. #2 Level Bats Throws Height Weight
Chris Okey C UT HS R R 6' 175
Chris Anderson P JR Right Right 6'3" 215
Jan Hernandez 3B SS HS R R 6'3" 195
Zack Collins 1B C HS L R 6'2" 205
Brett Morales P 2B HS R R 6'2" 185
Cord Sandberg OF 1B HS Left Left 6'3" 215
John Sternagel 3B SS HS R R 6'3" 193
Tyler Danish P 3B HS R R 6' 170
Gunnar McNeill 1B HS Right Right 6'3" 220
Karsten Whitson P JR Right Right 6'3" 195
Jonathon Crawford P JR Right Right 6'2" 190
Willie Abreu OF LHP HS L L 6'2" 195
Brian Navarreto C OF HS R R 6'3" 200
Nick Longhi 1B P HS R L 6'2" 200
Tucker Neuhaus 3B HS L R 6'2" 180
Edwin Diaz SS HS R R 6'2" 175
J.B. Woodman OF RHP HS L R 6'2" 190
Oscar Mercado SS HS R R 6'1" 175
Harrison Cooney P JR Right Right 6'2" 175
Ronnie Healy C OF HS L R 5'11" 195
Stephen Alemais SS HS R R 5'11" 165
Bernardo Bonifacio OF 2B HS Right Right 5'8" 190
Victor Caratini C SO Both Right 6' 192
Eugene Vazquez OF 1B HS L L 6'1" 190
Christian Arroyo SS 3B HS R R 6' 175
Jason Sierra OF 1B HS R R 6'3" 215
Juan Escarra 3B 1B HS L R 6'2" 185
Ben DeLuzio SS 3B HS R R 6'2" 185
Ian Hagenmiller 3B 1B HS R R 6'1" 215
Blake Hennessey SS RHP HS R R 6'1" 180
Daniel Gibson P JR Right Left 6'2" 219
Carson Baranik P J2 Right Right 6'3" 205
Ben Lively P JR Right Right 6'4" 195
Sean Dwyer OF JR Left Left 6' 190
Zack Powers 3B JR Left Right 6'3" 190
Joe Alexander Jimenez P HS Right Right 6'3" 220
John Kilichowski P 1B HS L L 6'5" 200
Sean Brady P OF HS L L 6' 185
Spencer Trayner SS RHP HS R R 6' 170
Dalton Duty 2B RHP HS L R 6' 185
Vickash Ramjit 1B OF SR Right Right 6'3" 220
M.T. Minacci SS RHP HS R R 6'2" 175
Taylor Blatch OF P HS R R 5'10" 175
Pete Alonso 3B 1B HS R R 6'3" 207
James Ramsay OF JR L L 5'11" 200
Joseph Starling P 1B HS R R 6'2" 208
Jeff Driskel OF P SO Right Right 6'4" 225
Johneshwy Fargas OF HS R R 6'1" 175
Ian McKinney P 1B HS L L 5'11" 183
Dale Carey OF JR Right Right 6'3" 185
Nicholas Washington 3B OF R R 6'1" 185
Connor Castellano 2B 3B SO Left Right 6' 180
Javier Salas P JR Right Right 6'4" 210
Danny Zardon 3B OF HS R R 6' 185
Scott Eicholtz RHP SS HS Both R 6'2" 175
Josh Greene OF HS L L 5'10" 155
Zach Alvord 3B 2B JR Right Right 6'1" 173
Nicholas Gonzalez P JR Left Left 6'4" 190
Keenan Kish P JR Left Right 6'3" 180
CJ Chatham SS 3B HS R R 6'3" 175
Jamal Martin OF RHP J1 Right Right 6' 175
Conner Hale 3B C J1 Right Right 6'2" 170
Mario Amaral C SO Right Right 6'1" 195
Christian Pelaez P HS Left Left 5'10" 165
John Magliozzi P SO Right Right 5'11" 185
Ryan Gebhardt OF JR Right Right 6'1" 180
Michael Arencibia OF JR Left Right 6'1" 165
Daniel Sweet OF J1 Both Left 6'1" 190
John Underwood 1B J2 Left Right 6'2" 203
Luis Guillorme SS HS Left Right 5'9" 165

Name Birthday LG State College Commit
Chris Okey 12/29/1994 HS Florida Clemson
Chris Anderson 7/29/1992 College Florida Jacksonville Jacksonville
Jan Hernandez 1/3/1995 HS Puerto Rico
Zack Collins 2/6/1995 HS Florida Miami
Brett Morales 1/10/1995 HS Florida Florida
Cord Sandberg 1/2/1995 HS Florida Mississippi State
John Sternagel 9/21/1994 HS Florida Florida
Tyler Danish 9/12/1994 HS Florida Florida
Gunnar McNeill 11/30/1994 HS Florida Florida International
Karsten Whitson 8/25/1991 College Florida Florida Florida
Jonathon Crawford 11/1/1991 College Florida Florida Florida
Willie Abreu 3/21/1995 HS Florida Miami
Brian Navarreto 12/29/1994 HS Florida South Carolina
Nick Longhi 8/16/1995 HS Florida Louisiana State
Tucker Neuhaus 6/18/1995 HS Florida Louisville
Edwin Diaz HS Puerto Rico Ladislao Martinez Otero
J.B. Woodman 12/13/1994 HS Florida Mississippi
Oscar Mercado 12/16/1994 HS Florida Florida State
Harrison Cooney 3/25/1992 College Florida Florida Gulf Coast Florida Gulf Coast
Ronnie Healy 9/12/1994 HS Florida
Stephen Alemais 4/12/1995 HS Florida Tulane
Bernardo Bonifacio 2/1/1994 HS Florida Bethune-Cookman
Victor Caratini 8/17/1993 College Florida Miami-Dade Southern
Eugene Vazquez 1/9/1995 HS Florida UCF
Christian Arroyo 5/30/1995 HS Florida Florida
Jason Sierra 1/16/1995 HS Florida Vanderbilt
Juan Escarra 4/24/1995 HS Florida Florida International
Ben DeLuzio 8/9/1994 HS Florida Florida State
Ian Hagenmiller 9/3/1994 HS Florida Miami
Blake Hennessey 9/28/1994 HS Florida Oklahoma State
Daniel Gibson 10/16/1991 College Florida Florida Florida
Carson Baranik 11/6/1992 College Florida Miami-Dade LSU
Ben Lively 3/5/1992 College Florida Central Florida UCF
Sean Dwyer 12/5/1991 College Florida Florida Gulf Coast Florida Gulf Coast
Zack Powers 11/24/1991 College Florida Florida Florida
Joe Alexander Jimenez 1/17/1995 HS Puerto Rico Florida International
John Kilichowski 5/17/1994 HS Florida Vanderbilt
Sean Brady 6/9/1994 HS Florida Florida
Spencer Trayner 12/22/1994 HS Florida North Carolina
Dalton Duty 3/27/1995 HS Florida Central Florida
Vickash Ramjit 11/27/1989 College Florida Florida Florida
M.T. Minacci 6/6/1995 HS Florida Florida State
Taylor Blatch 6/6/1995 HS Florida Florida State
Pete Alonso 12/7/1994 HS Florida Florida
James Ramsay 3/2/1992 College Florida South Florida South Florida
Joseph Starling 6/29/1995 HS Florida Stanford
Jeff Driskel 4/23/1993 College Florida Florida Florida
Johneshwy Fargas 12/15/1994 HS Puerto Rico
Ian McKinney 11/18/1994 HS Florida UCF
Dale Carey 11/14/1991 College Florida Miami Miami
Nicholas Washington Florida Florida (FB)
Connor Castellano 6/11/1992 College Florida Santa Fe Vanderbilt
Javier Salas 3/20/1992 College Florida Miami Miami
Danny Zardon 9/30/1994 HS Florida Louisiana State
Scott Eicholtz 8/12/1994 HS Florida Alabama
Josh Greene 34936 HS Florida High Point
Zach Alvord 33554 College Florida Tampa Auburn
Nicholas Gonzalez 33781 College Florida South Florida USF
Keenan Kish 33571 College Florida Florida Florida
CJ Chatham HS Florida Florida Atlantic
Jamal Martin 33984 College Florida Santa Fe Florida State
Conner Hale 33887 College Florida Manatee Notre Dame
Mario Amaral 34256 College Florida Miami-Dade Florida State
Christian Pelaez 34969 HS Florida Louisiana State
John Magliozzi 33440 College Florida Florida Florida
Ryan Gebhardt 33516 College Florida Louisiana Tech Florida Gulf Coast
Michael Arencibia 33562 College Florida Tallahassee CC Tallahassee CC
Daniel Sweet 34696 College Florida Polk State
John Underwood 33849 College Florida Palm Beach State Palm Beach State
Luis Guillorme 34604 HS Florida Manatee CC