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2013 MLB Draft: California Report

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California is always loaded with talent and this year is no different.

Kris Bryant and Mark Appel could be two of the top three picks in the draft. If any of the top 25 players are taken in the first round, I wouldn't be surprised. The top five are near locks for the top half of the first round .

1. Kris Bryant, 1B, JR, 45/70: Elite power. Great hitter. plus arm.

2. Mark Appel, P, SR, 45/70: three plus pitches with front of the rotation potential

3. Dominic Smith, 1B, HS, 35/70: Has the bat to be a middle of the order masher

4. Austin Wilson, OF, JR, 35/65: Amazing athlete. Rare skillset that only comes around once in a while.

5. John Paul Crawford, SS, HS, 35/60: great athlete. Very good hitter. Can he stick at SS?

6. Aaron Judge, OF, JR, 35/60: huge athlete. Big power potential. Height scares me but is a one of a kind player.

7. Ian Clarkin, P, HS, 30/60: low 90's fastball but his velocity has been down this spring. One of the better breaking balls in the class.

8. Ryan McMahon, 3B, HS, 30/60: long, lean and atheltic, he has a great swing from the left side. He has a potneitally plus glove at 3b and is just coming into his own as a baseball player after splitting time with football in the past.

9. Rowdy Tellez, 1B, HS, 30/60: Big guy. Powerful, long swing. Could hit 40 homers. Arguably best power in the draft

10. Jeremy Martinez, C, HS, 30/60: good defender behind the dish. Great well balanced, line drive hitter.

11. Jonah Wesely, P, HS, 35/55: up to 93. good breaking ball. Impressive stuff. Durable build.

12. Phil Bickford, P, HS, 30/60: Up to 97, sits 92-94. Slider is swing and miss pitch but can hang. Burch Smith comp

13. Matt Krook, P, HS, 30/60: low 90's fastball. Plus breaking ball potential.

14. Andrew Thurman, P, JR, 35/55: low 90's velocity. Very good slider.

15. Chris Kohler, P, HS, 30/55: athletic lefty with a plus breaking ball and potential to add to his fastball that scrapes 90

16. Kevin Franklin, 3B, HS, 30/55: big power potential. Good glove. Might be able to stay at 3b.

17. A.J. Vanegas, P, JR, 30/55: inconsistent. He can hit 97 but has control issues. He has a plus slider on occasion. Injury issues this spring

18. Dylan Covey, P, JR, 30/55: two plus pitches when on. Extremely inconsistent

19. Chris Rivera, SS, HS, 35/50: atheltic middle infielder. Good bat. Solid up the middle talent. Not elite but likely to be at least a utility guy

20. Michael Lorenzen, OF, JR, 30/60: big armed reliever and atheltic CF. Tools galore. Not sure where it works.

21. Trey Williams, 3B, J1, 30/60: great athelte. Needs work at the plate. A lot of potential though

22. Adam Plutko, P, JR, 40/50: Mid rotation starter. Sits 88-91 with a four pitch mix and no out pitch.

23. Scott Frazier, P, JR, 30/50: big, 6'7" guy who's hit 97 but is inconsistent.

24. Carlos Salazar, P, HS, 25/55: short, stocky guy with a power arm. secondary's lag behind. Command is an issue. One pitch guy right now. Change ahead of breaking ball.

25. Stephen Gonsalves, P, HS, 25/55: big lanky lefty. Curve is loopy but has a low 90's fastball

26. Alex Balog, P, JR, 25/50: Low 90's fastball with a hard slider. Not a lot of track record though.

27. Dominic Nunez, C, HS, 35/50: Nice swing. Could be a C, may end up at 2B. Knows how to play the game.

28. Hunter Simmons, 3B, HS, 25/55: Big bat potential. Mediocre defensively in OF, good 1B. Big bat for Utah but I'd make a run to sign him.

29. Billy Roth, OF, HS, 30/50: Big uppercut. Big leg kick too but he hits the ball hard. He will need great hand eye to make this work but I think he could.

30. Tyler Alamo, C, HS, 30/50: Long swing. Good power. May be a 1B.

31. Jake Bauers, 1B, , 30/50: Powerful swing. Limited to 1B defensively but defends well.

32. Derek Rustich, 3B, HS, 30/50: big power swing. Old for class but can hit

33. Brian Ragira, 1B, JR, 35/50: good power potential but likely a 1B, slow for OF. BP power hasn't shown in games

34. Aaron Brown, P, SO, 35/50: Good two way player. Likely a pitcher but needs a good secondary pitch to be more than a middle reliever. Good swing and athletic ability

35. Blake Taylor, P, HS, 30/50: Very nice breaking ball. Good fastball up to 95 but sat low 90's

36. Jack Klein, OF, HS, 30/50: Very good athlete. Pretty swing.

37. Brett Binning, SS, HS, 30/50: a lot of projection remaining. Good swing. Good athlete. Looks the part.

38. Dane McFarland, OF, HS, 25/50: Crazy athlete but very raw

39. Trae Arbet, SS, HS, 25/50: great athelte. Good power potential. Long swing, expect swing and miss. Good defender up the middle

40. Kort Peterson, OF, HS, 30/50: not that much different than austin meadows. Good speed. Good power potential. Good arm. Corner guy will have to play up with bat.

41. Joseph Corrigan, 1B, HS, 30/50: Big swing, power ptential

42. Gosuke Katoh, 2B, HS, 30/50: line drive hitter more likely a 2b.

43. Francis Christy, C, HS, 30/50: short powerful swing. Not sure he fits at catcher

43. Trevin Haseltine, P, HS, 30/50: up to 93. Repeatable delivery

44. Arden Pabst, C, HS, 30/50: Good defensive catcher. Average bat at best.

45. Daulton Jefferies, P, HS, 30/45: 88-90 fastball. Nice breaking ball with a really good change. Likely going to college.

46. Andrew Knapp, C, JR, 35/45: Mediocre with the bat until last summer on the Cape. Very good this spring. Needs work on D.

47. Brenton Allen, OF, JR, 25/50: Raw athlete.

48. Colin Winters, OF, HS, 25/50: Nice swing. Has some issues but good athlete. Good arm, good speed. Interesting later round player.

50. Steve Farinaro, P, HS, 25/50: Nice delivery. Up to 90. Could jump up with additional strength.

51. Tyler Linehan, P, JR, 35/45: Upper 80's fastball with really nice breaking ball. Stocky.

52. Billy Flamion, OF, SO, 30/45: Hasn't shown the bat progress many expected. I still believe in his power but he hasn't shown it yet. He's a question mark in a lot of ways.

53. Elliott Barzilli, SS, HS, 35/45: short quick swing. Not a lot of power. Good defense. College guy

54. Cal Becker, P, FR, 30/45: Interesting stuff but not doing well at all at Palm Beach State

55. Michael Wagner, P, JR, 35/45: Up to 94 with good slider. Reliever

56. Tyler Kuresa, 1B, JR, 25/45: Power bat

57. Kenny Mathews, P, SO, 30/45: odd lefty delivery . Solid arm

58. A.J. Balta, 2B, HS, 30/45: compact hitter. Compact line drive swing

59. Paul Paez, P, J2, 30/45: stocky. No projection. Only upper 80's touching 92

60. Aldo Koutsoyanopulos, 3B, HS, 25/45: Good athlete. Not a great bat but one to watch in JC next year.

61. Jordan Paroubeck, OF, HS, 25/45:

62. Nicolas Vander Tuig, P, JR, 35/45:

63. Zach Weiss, P, JR, 35/45:

64. Eric Filia-Snyder, OF, SO, 30/45:

65. Lonnie Kauppila, SS, JR, 35/45:

66. Brandon Trinkwon, 2B, JR, 30/45:

67. Trent Paddon, P, HS, 25/45:

68. John Riley, C, HS, 25/45:

69. Chase Johnson, P, JR, 30/45:

70. Tanner Kiest, P, J1, 30/45:

71. Shane Carle, P, J1, 30/40:

72. James Roberts, SS, JR, 35/40:

73. Ryan Kirby, OF, HS, 30/40:

74. Adrian De Horta, P, HS, 30/40:

75. Omar Cotto, OF, JR, 35/40:

76. Hunter Mercado-Hood, OF, HS, 25/40:

77. Jake Bray, 3B, , 30/40:

78. Parker Bugg, P, HS, 25/40:

Name POS Pos. #2 Level Bats Throws Height Weight
Kris Bryant 1B 3B JR Right Right 6'5" 190
Mark Appel P SR Right Right 6'5" 190
Dominic Smith 1B P HS Left Left 6'1" 200
Austin Wilson OF JR Right Right 6'4" 235
John Paul Crawford SS OF HS L R 6'1" 180
Aaron Judge OF JR Right Right 6'7" 230
Ian Clarkin P 1B HS Left Left 6'1" 190
Ryan McMahon 3B HS L R 6'3" 180
Rowdy Tellez 1B OF HS L L 6'4" 230
Jeremy Martinez C IF HS R R 5'11" 195
Jonah Wesely P HS L L 6'1" 210
Phil Bickford P 1B R R 6'4" 185
Matt Krook P OF HS Left Left 6'4" 195
Andrew Thurman P JR Right Right 6'3" 195
Chris Kohler P OF HS L L 6'3" 190
Kevin Franklin 3B OF HS R R 6'1" 220
A.J. Vanegas P JR Right Right 6'3" 205
Dylan Covey P JR Right Right 6'2" 195
Chris Rivera SS RHP HS R R 6' 180
Michael Lorenzen OF P JR Right Right 6'2" 180
Trey Williams 3B OF J1 Right Right 6'1" 210
Adam Plutko P JR Right Right 6'3" 190
Scott Frazier P JR Right Right 6'7" 215
Carlos Salazar P IF HS R R 6' 180
Stephen Gonsalves P OF HS L L 6'5" 205
Alex Balog P 3B JR Right Right 6'5" 210
Dominic Nunez C 2B HS L R 6' 175
Hunter Simmons 3B OF HS Right Right 6'3" 190
Billy Roth OF RHP HS R R 6'3" 190
Tyler Alamo C IF HS R R 6'3" 195
Jake Bauers 1B Left Left 6'1" 195
Derek Rustich 3B RHP HS L R 6'5" 225
Brian Ragira 1B JR Right Right 6'2" 205
Aaron Brown P OF SO Left Left 6'2" 200
Blake Taylor P HS Left Left 6'3" 195
Jack Klein OF RHP HS R R 6'2" 180
Brett Binning SS 3B HS R R 6'1" 170
Dane McFarland OF P HS R R 6'4" 205
Trae Arbet SS R R 6'1" 180
Kort Peterson OF HS L R 6'1" 175
Joseph Corrigan 1B 3B HS R R 6'2" 200
Gosuke Katoh 2B SS HS L R 6'1" 170
Francis Christy C OF HS L R 6'1" 215
Trevin Haseltine P 3B HS R R 6'3" 200
Arden Pabst C 3B HS R R 6' 200
Daulton Jefferies P SS HS Left Right 5'11" 150
Andrew Knapp C JR Both Right 6'1" 175
Brenton Allen OF JR Left Left 6'1" 200
Colin Winters OF LHP HS L L 6'3" 210
Steve Farinaro P HS Right Right 6' 170
Tyler Linehan P JR Left Left 6' 240
Billy Flamion OF SO Left Left 6'1" 192
Elliott Barzilli SS OF HS R R 5'11" 165
Cal Becker P SS FR Right Right 6'1" 185
Michael Wagner P JR Right Right 6'4" 185
Tyler Kuresa 1B JR Left Left 6'3" 190
Kenny Mathews P SO Left Left 6'3" 195
A.J. Balta 2B OF HS L R 5'11" 175
Paul Paez P J2 Left Left 5'9" 200
Aldo Koutsoyanopulos 3B OF HS R R 6'1" 180
Jordan Paroubeck OF HS B R 6'2" 190
Nicolas Vander Tuig P JR Right Right 6'3" 190
Zach Weiss P JR Right Right 6'1" 200
Eric Filia-Snyder OF SO L L 6' 180
Lonnie Kauppila SS JR Right Right 6'1" 170
Brandon Trinkwon 2B SS JR L R 6'2" 160
Trent Paddon P HS Right Right 6'4" 220
John Riley C RHP HS R R 6'1" 200
Chase Johnson P JR Right Right 6'3" 190
Tanner Kiest P J1 Right Right 6'3" 195
Shane Carle P J1 R R 6'5" 180
James Roberts SS JR Right Right 6'2" 180
Ryan Kirby OF 1B HS L R 6'2" 175
Adrian De Horta P HS R R 6'2" 180
Omar Cotto OF JR Both Right 5'11" 180
Hunter Mercado-Hood OF HS L R 5'11" 180
Jake Bray 3B P R R 6'1" 175
Parker Bugg P 1B HS Right Right 6'4" 220

Name Birthday LG State College Commit
Kris Bryant 1/4/92 College California San Diego
Mark Appel 7/15/91 College California Stanford
Dominic Smith 6/15/95 HS California Southern California
Austin Wilson 2/7/92 College California Stanford
John Paul Crawford 1/11/95 HS California Southern California
Aaron Judge 4/26/92 College California Fresno State
Ian Clarkin 2/14/95 HS California San Diego
Ryan McMahon 12/14/94 HS California Southern California
Rowdy Tellez 10/24/94 HS California Southern California
Jeremy Martinez 12/29/94 HS California Southern California
Jonah Wesely 12/8/94 HS California UCLA
Phil Bickford 7/10/95 HS California Cal State Fullerton
Matt Krook 10/21/94 HS California Oregon
Andrew Thurman 12/10/91 College California UC Irvine
Chris Kohler 5/4/95 HS California Southern California
Kevin Franklin 11/24/94 HS California Arizona State
A.J. Vanegas 8/16/92 College California Stanford
Dylan Covey 8/14/91 College California San Diego
Chris Rivera 3/10/95 HS California Cal State Fullerton
Michael Lorenzen 1/4/92 College California Cal State Fullerton
Trey Williams 3/9/94 College California College of the Canyons
Adam Plutko 10/3/91 College California UCLA
Scott Frazier 12/3/91 College California Pepperdine
Carlos Salazar 11/23/94 HS California Fresno State
Stephen Gonsalves 7/8/94 HS California San Diego
Alex Balog 7/16/92 College California San Francisco
Dominic Nunez 1/17/95 HS California UCLA
Hunter Simmons 8/8/95 California Utah
Billy Roth 6/5/95 HS California Arizona
Tyler Alamo 5/2/95 HS California Cal State Fullerton
Jake Bauers 10/6/95 HS California Hawaii
Derek Rustich 9/28/94 HS California Texas Tech
Brian Ragira 1/22/92 College California Stanford
Aaron Brown 6/20/92 College California Pepperdine
Blake Taylor 8/17/95 HS California Hawaii
Jack Klein 7/13/94 California Stanford
Brett Binning 8/10/94 HS California Auburn
Dane McFarland 10/24/94 HS California Oregon
Trae Arbet 7/1/94 HS California San Diego
Kort Peterson 4/29/94 HS California Washington
Joseph Corrigan 12/31/94 HS California Southern California
Gosuke Katoh 10/8/94 HS California UCLA
Francis Christy 9/1/95 HS California Oregon
Trevin Haseltine 4/9/95 HS California California
Arden Pabst 3/14/95 HS California Georgia Tech
Daulton Jefferies 8/2/95 HS California California
Andrew Knapp 11/9/91 College California California
Brenton Allen 11/2/91 College California UCLA
Colin Winters 3/1/95 HS California UC Santa Barbara
Steve Farinaro 8/18/95 HS California UCLA
Tyler Linehan 8/30/91 College California Fresno State
Billy Flamion 1/19/93 College California Grossmont
Elliott Barzilli 5/3/95 HS California Georgia Tech
Cal Becker 6/9/93 College California Palm Beach State
Michael Wagner 10/3/91 College California San Diego
Tyler Kuresa 11/17/92 College California UC Santa Barbara
Kenny Mathews 8/6/93 College California Riverside
A.J. Balta 7/8/95 HS California Oregon
Paul Paez 4/29/92 College California Rio Hondo
Aldo Koutsoyanopulos 6/19/95 HS California Central Arizona CC
Jordan Paroubeck 11/2/94 HS California Fresno State
Nicolas Vander Tuig 12/9/91 College California UCLA
Zach Weiss 6/16/92 College California UCLA
Eric Filia-Snyder 7/6/92 HS California UCLA
Lonnie Kauppila 1/17/92 College California Stanford
Brandon Trinkwon 3/30/92 HS California UC Santa Barbara
Trent Paddon 6/21/94 HS California Oregon
John Riley 2/14/94 HS California California
Chase Johnson 1/9/92 College California Cal Poly
Tanner Kiest 9/16/94 College California Riverside
Shane Carle HS California Long Beach State
James Roberts 12/11/91 College California Southern California
Ryan Kirby 1/25/95 HS California San Diego
Adrian De Horta 3/13/95 HS California Cal State Fullerton
Omar Cotto 2/28/92 College California Southern California
Hunter Mercado-Hood 2/16/95 HS California San Diego
Jake Bray 12/8/92 College California Feather River
Parker Bugg 10/26/94 HS California Louisiana State