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Minor League Ball Index Updates: The OCD Project

This afternoon, I updated the 2013 Prospect Retrospective Index and the 2013 MLB Draft Information Index. I hadn't updated them in awhile and it was starting to get on my OCDish nerves. . .an index isn't very good if it isn't up-to-date. . .but that's been fixed now.

They will be continuously updated from now on, and I will keep them towards the bottom of the front page for ease of access. I have three more Retrospectives to do in the coming days: Edgar Martinez tomorrow, to be followed by Vida Blue and Ken Griffey, Jr.. That will complete the current Retro series, although we will do more later in the season when/if something topical occurs or if the mood strikes.

Note that you can also access the different Sections here at Minor League Ball using the drop-down menu on the front page bar. It is the easiest way to access MLB Bonus Baby draft coverage, as well as our greatly-expanded College Baseball Coverage and Prospect Trade Analysis.

I have also done some work reconciling the 2013 Minor League Ball Top 150 Prospects List with the 2013 Top 20 Prospects for each organization list. For the most part those were already consistent, but a few players moved up or down a little in the time between the original organization lists in January and the 150 List in March. There are still some grades that don't quite line up, but I don't like to re-grade prospects in season, at least not this early.

That said, my goal is to revise the Top 150 list about once a month. I will keep you updated on that, but I would anticipate the first revision about the middle of May.