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Yankees Prospect Mason Williams Arrested on DUI Charge

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Mason Williams
Mason Williams

New York Yankees outfield prospect Mason Williams was arrested last night on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Multiple sources report that Williams was pulled over by Tampa police officers last night due to speeding and erratic driving. Although his blood alcohol level was slightly below the legal limit, he failed a field sobriety test and was obviously driving poorly.

Williams was a fourth round pick in 2010 from high school in Winter Garden, Florida. He was hitting .271/.400/.371 in 18 games for the High-A Tampa Yankees in the Florida State League, and is considered one of New York's top prospects.

Williams is a left-handed hitter with excellent athletic ability, speed, and defensive skills. Talent evaluators say that his biggest problem is immaturity: he irritated coaches and scouts with a substandard work ethic at times last year, failing to run out ground balls and demonstrating a poor attitude. It was felt that he was young enough to outgrow any personality issues, although this incident will resurrect makeup concerns.