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Minor League Ball Gameday, April 14

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Jose Fernandez and Rob Brantly
Jose Fernandez and Rob Brantly

Good afternoon prospect watchers. It is Sunday and this is a family day for me (plus my taxes aren't done yet), so no intensive rundown of last night's games. However, here are some links to keep you busy, and of course the Gameday thread itself is a terrific resource.

***Yesterday's Gameday Thread

***Miami Marlins rookie starter Jose Fernandez sure looks good, doesn't he?

***Very interesting interview at AppyAstros with prospects Carlos Correa, Lance McCullers, and Rio Ruiz.

***TwinkieTown talks with Minnesota Twins assistant general manager Rob Antony.

***FederalBaseball examines the coolness factor of shortstop prospect Zach Walters

***AthleticsNation takes a look at first baseman Nate Freiman.

***Maury Brown at the Biz of Baseball discusses the implications of MLB preparing for the first openly gay professional athlete. He points out that baseball media is ahead of Major League Baseball itself on LGBT issue, with figures like Nate Silver and my friend Christina Kahrl going public in recent years. The day is coming.