Top Prospect Results thru 4-10-13

I plan on doing this once a week, as long as there is interest. My plan for now is to run them Thursday night and post them Friday. It will help keep a handle on players who are having good seasons and good weeks. These are the top 20 pitchers and hitters at each level so far this season.
The formula is what I have based my entire projection system on, so if these seem like good lists based on stats and potential, you will like my other work, or vice versa. The players on these lists should be good prospects, not just old players having good seasons.

AAA Hitters

Name Team
Mike Zunino Mariners
Billy Hamilton Reds
Cesar Hernandez Phillies
Jurickson Profar Rangers
Oswaldo Arcia Twins
Matt Davidson Diamondbacks
Kolten Wong Cardinals
Jeff Kobernus Nationals
Carlos Sanchez White Sox
Nolan Arenado Rockies

AA Hitters

Name Team
Michael Almanzar Red Sox
Reymond Fuentes Padres
Jose Ramirez Indians
Enrique Hernandez Astros
Hernan Perez Tigers
Adam Duvall Giants
Yasiel Puig Dodgers
Joc Pederson Dodgers
Julio Morban


High A Hitters

Name Team
Francisco Lindor Indians
Sean Coyle Red Sox
Cory Spangenberg Padres
Benjamin Gamel Yankees
Nolan Fontana


Low A Hitters

Name Team
Byron Buxton Twins
Tommy Coyle Rays
Carlos Correa Astros
Carlos Tocci Phillies
Jayce Boyd Mets

The rest can be found here.

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