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Minor League Ball Gameday Discussion: Opening Day

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Davey Johnson
Davey Johnson

The name says it all. Spring is here and everything matters again.

The minor leagues don't get started until the end of the week, but there is plenty to discuss and share in the meantime. Here is a list of things in store for this week:

***Sleeper Prospects Parts One (later this morning) Parts Two (Tuesday) and Three (Wednesday)

***Prospect Retros for Jason Schmidt, Ken Griffey Jr, Vida Blue, and Edgar Martinez. This will finish the current batch of retros for now. I'm burned out on them and there are lots of other things to discuss.

***Completion of the OCD Project, which means I'm updating the draft and prospect retro summary pages. I will update the Top 20 lists too because a few grades have changed slightly, but that is a relatively low priority.

***All Questions Answered Thread tomorrow (Tuesday)

***2013 baseball draft stuff

***Continued college baseball coverage

***Feel free to make further suggestions although I'd like to avoid retros for now and focus on current events.

***I've decided to root for the Washington Nationals this year because I'd like to see Davey Johnson win the World Series in his last season of managing.