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Minor League Ball Gameday Discussion, March 6

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Gerrit Cole
Gerrit Cole
J. Meric, Getty Images

Happy Wednesday prospect mavens. Here's today's discussion thread for spring training action in Florida and Arizona, plus whatever baseball news you care to discuss. Here are some time-killing links that may interest you or serve as a distraction from whatever tedious work-related thing you are trying to avoid right now.

***Lance Rinker at Beyond the Box Score takes a look at minor league free agent signings who might turn out to be valuable in 2013.

***Pittsburgh Pirates prospect Gerrit Cole fanned six consecutive hitters yesterday, though they weren't exactly superstars: Daniel Figueroa, Paco Figueroa, Rafael Alvarez, Barbaro Canizares, Yunesky Sanchez, and Adrian Nieto playing for Spain. Still, he looked good doing it, throwing in the mid-90s. Charlie Wilmoth at Bucs Dugout points out that the Pirates were handicapped by having Francis Drake on the disabled list. Don't forget that Hawkins and Effingham are injured too.

***Should Nolan Arenado open 2013 as Colorado's regular third baseman? Personally I wouldn't do it, but they haven't asked me.

***Toronto Blue Jays shortstop prospect Justin Jackson is a pitcher now. And a musician.

***Some bad news from the Miami Marlins system: pitching prospect Charlie Lowell has been arrested for assaulting his girlfriend, and outfield prospect Kolby Copeland has been suspended for refusing to take a drug test.

***Brandon Moss Prospect Retro coming up later today.