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Minor League Ball and SB Nation Update

I just wanted to update you guys quickly on things happening around the SB Nation network.

***Here at Minor League Ball, we now have Brendon Booth and Christopher Slade cooperating to provide college baseball coverage. If everything works the way we intend, there will be a college baseball preview towards the end of each week, Thursday or Friday, and then a summary/award post each Monday. They each have their own voice and their own style and I expect the discussion will be stimulating.

***More voices in general is something that I want to add for minor league coverage for 2013. I will NOT be reducing the amount of writing that I do, but sometimes I need a day off too. More about that coming up.

***Along the expanded coverage line, SB Nation (starting today) is enhancing baseball coverage. We now have an expanded baseball hub (Sbnation/MLB). But don't worry: Rob Neyer and Grant Brisbee aren't going anywhere: you can now find their writing at Rob Neyer and Grant Brisbee"s Baseball Nation.

Update your bookmarks!