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2013 MLB Draft Profile: William Abreu, OF, Florida HS

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Abreu is a smooth, athletic player, was Albert Almora's teammate and shares a few similar qualities.

Willie Abreu, OF, Hialeah, FL
High School Senior
Bats/Throws: Left/Left
HT/WT: 6'2"/195
Birthdate: 3/21/95 Age at Draft: 18.35

Willie Abreu, OF, Mater Academy (2013) (via BaseballAmericaVideo)

Abreu has received the attention that any prospect would dream about. He played beside one of the best players from the 2012 draft, Albert Almora, Chicago Cubs first-rounder.

This connection leads to a couple of different things. One, they become tied together. Two, they are compared to each other. They may even start to share similar traits because I believe that good players do rub off on another.

Abreu looks easy, athletic and polished as Almora did. The problem is, when the two are compared, Abreu comes in a distant second to Almora. Abreu is a smooth defender, but he isn't a center fielder at the next level, at least not at the highest level. He is speedy and has good instincts but is not elite in either department. He should be a good defender at a corner spot though.

At the plate he has good bat speed. His swing is somewhat long but not one that needs to be corrected in my view. It creates good leverage and loft. It is smooth, just like his defensive actions. He should have the bat to be a solid corner outfielder. He may not hit for a high average but the power should be there. His baserunning isn't strong and he needs to work on using his legs better but that is minor.

Abreu should have defensive value at a corner outfield spot. He may not be the potential star that his former teammate projects to be, but Abreu looks like a big leaguer. He should have a big league average bat for a corner outfield spot. His speed and athleticism along with his potential with the bat and the glove should get Abreu drafted in the first two or three rounds.

If he slides in the draft for some reason or decides not to sign, he could take over for Dale Carey in center field for the Miami Hurricanes.