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Minor League Ball Upcoming Schedule

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Winter and Baseball
Winter and Baseball
John Sickels, SB Nation/Vox Media

I got two hours of sleep last night (I fell asleep at 1; the kid woke up at 3) and my ambitious work plans for today have crumpled into a pile of exhaustion that a few gallons of coffee have not re-integrated. I can't even mix my metaphors correctly.

Anyway, here is what is on the agenda for this week.

***Integrated Top 120 Prospects List. Right now I have this list locked in pretty well through about spot 30 and am still plugging away. There will be an AQA discussion once the list is done.
***Draft sleepers (yeah I keep promising this, but other things keep coming up)
***Matt is working on more draft reports. Florida high school outfielder William Abreu is next on the list and will be posted tomorrow morning.
***Daily discussions of course
***Prospect Retro list: Marlon Byrd, Brandon Moss, George Brett, Mike Schmidt, Jason Schmidt, Tom Glavine, Ken Griffey Jr., John Lackey, Randy Johnson, Chase Utley, and Vida Blue are on the list. I want to get all of these done as quickly as possible so I can shift gears into the regular season. I may do others for topical reasons, but I haven't forgotten these guys.
***Kevin Gausman vs. Kyle Zimmer Smackdown
***I will harass you to buy more Baseball Prospect Books.