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Minor League Ball Gameday Discussion, March 26

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Shelby Miller brings it
Shelby Miller brings it

Good afternoon prospect watchers. Here is today's threat to discuss spring training news from Florida and Arizona, and to jabber about prospects and minor league players. Items of interest today:

***The St. Louis Cardinals have named prospect Shelby Miller as their fifth starter. Dan Moore at Viva El Birdos asks if he will be better than Kyle Lohse.

***The Miami Marlins are trying to sell tickets on Groupon. That's so 2010.

***Connor Moylan asks if the playoff hopes of the Kansas City Royals lie on the shoulders of Eric Hosmer.

***Pitching prospect Brandon Maurer threw five shutout innings for the Seattle Mariners yesterday. More about him later today in a Prospect Note.

***Crazy Predictions for 2013 Part One, brought to you by Colonel "Bat" Guano.

***Crazy Predictions for 2013 Part Two, brought to you by Dr. Simon van Gelder.

***Aaron Hicks has a job for the Minnesota Twins. Should the Boston Red Sox do the same with Jackie Bradley, Jr? Mike Mulvenna says no at Beyond the Boxscore.