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Crazy Predictions for 2013, Part Two

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Better bring out the mindmeld, Spock
Better bring out the mindmeld, Spock
Tantalus Colony

More Crazy Predictions for 2013!

***Aaron Hicks will have a higher OPS than Justin Morneau for the Minnesota Twins.

***Travis D'arnaud will be promoted to the New York Mets in May. He will begin his major league career with a 2-for-30 run, prompting panic from Mets fans.

***Ronnier Mustelier will hit two home runs with six RBI in his major league debut for the New York Yankees, prompting a two month hot streak, becoming the Cuban Shane Spencer.

***The Oakland Athletics will be considered out of contention on May 15th. However, they will slowly, gradually, crawl their way back into the picture before anyone notices, finishing in second place and slightly above .500.

***Philadelphia Phillies rookie Darin Ruf breaks up an improbable no-hit bid by Mike Minor of the Braves with a ninth-inning home run that gives the Phils a 1-0 victory in the best pitching duel of the season.

***Pittsburgh Pirates rookie Phil Irwin outpitches top prospect Gerrit Cole after both are promoted to the majors in June.

***Allen Craig stays healthy enough to play 153 games for the St. Louis Cardinals, hitting .339/.397/.575 with 119 RBI and winning National League MVP.

***San Diego Padres prospect Max Fried blows away the low minors, finishes the season in Double-A, and is ranked as the top southpaw prospect in baseball by most experts entering 2014.

***Due to extremely well-timed run support, Matt Cain goes 22-5 for the San Francisco Giants. However, his FIP, ERA, and WAR and various component stats finish well behind Clayton Kershaw's, setting off a sabermetric battle over who should win the Cy Young award.

***Carlos Triunfel hits .315 in 59 games for the Seattle Mariners. Granted, it is .315 with a .339 OBP and .387 SLG. But still, .315.

***Renowned defensive shortstop Hak-Ju Lee goes 4-for-4 in his major league debut for the Tampa Bay Rays. But he makes two errors.

***Power-hitting prospect Joey Gallo hits 25 homers in the first half of the season between Low-A and High-A. Promoted to Double-A in July, he hits just three more the rest of the year with a .170 average.

***The Toronto Blue Jays don't have a single rookie who provides a WAR value greater than 1.0 in 2013.

***Washington Nationals prospect Anthony Rendon plays just 70 games due to a variety of inexplicable but minor injuries. However, those 70 games include 20 in the majors where he hits .350.