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Minor League Ball Gameday Discussion: March 24

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Christian Yelich
Christian Yelich

Good afternoon prospect watchers. We ended up with nine inches of heavy, wet snow here in Lawrence. It is supposed to be 50 degrees later this week so it won't last long, but if I want to get the kids to school tomorrow I'm gonna have to shovel, alas.

Here is today's thread for minor league prospect news and spring training discussion. Some items that may interest you:

***More discussion of Bill James and ground ball pitchers, this time from Bill Petti at One of Bill J's points was that ground ball pitchers get hurt more often, but Petti's very early research doesn't back that notion up. I'm sure there will be more to come on this.

***Is it wrong that I automatically ignore any article with the word "Biogenesis" in the headline?

***As he should, Jurickson Profar is expected to begin the season in Triple-A and the Rangers will look elsewhere to fill their utility infielder needs.

***As he should, Christian Yelich will begin the season in the minors and Juan Pierre will meet Miami's 90-loss needs. Yelich had a great camp and if he remains hot in the minors (I think he will remain so), we could see him in the second half. Or maybe not; Lord knows what the Marlins will do. That might seem a little snarky to Pierre and I'll make up for it with a Prospect Retro soon.

***SB Nation's 2013 MLB predictions. The World Series will be the Nationals against the Angels according to the aggregate voting of SB Nation's writers.

***I will have my own Lunatic Predictions up later this week. With Adam Eaton out 6-8 weeks, one of them (that he would win Rookie of the Year) seems very unlikely.

***The PS-2 ports on my laptop are intermittently failing and the screen flickers about every 30 minutes or so for a minute or two. I assume this means my computer is dying.