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Minor League Ball Gameday Discussion, March 20

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Tyler Skaggs
Tyler Skaggs
Rich Pilling

Good morning prospect watchers. Here is today's thread to discuss spring training and prospect news from Florida and Arizona. I apologize for the lack of thread yesterday, but I had to go to Kansas City unexpectedly to pick up some supplies. Everything is back to normal now.

Items to discuss today while you need a distraction from work or March Madness:

***The Crawfish Boxes have an intriguing article from Timothy De Block about left-handed pitchers who change arm angles. He discusses Xavier Cedeno and Dallas Keuchel of the Astros and Mike Roth of the Angels.

***Bill Parker discusses Colorado Rockies third base prospect Nolan Arenado and the issue of service time. He's played well enough this spring to earn a job, but as we know from many recent examples he may begin the season in Triple-A anyway just to keep the clock from starting on arbitration.

***Rick Randall joins Lookout Landing, SB Nation's Seattle Mariners community, as their prospect expert with an introductory post explaining his philosophy about prospecting.

***Assholes. Beyond that word, I can't discuss what I think of this issue without violating the no-politics rule that I try to adhere to here, given the extremely close linkage between economics and politics.

*** Q&A with Miami Marlins prospect Andrew Heaney, currently rehabbing a lat strain. I don't think Heaney gets as much attention as he deserves given that he was a first-round pick last year and an advanced college arm who could move quickly.

***Is anyone worried about Arizona Diamondbacks lefty Tyler Skaggs being a Hydrogen Prospect?

***Prospecty Mets news from a couple of days ago, but there is some good stuff there worth reading if you missed it the first time, including a "rival executive" questioning top catching prospect Travis D'Arnaud's ability to be an impact player. I also like Rob Castellano's mention of third baseman Zach Lutz, a Triple-A veteran having a good spring. Lutz is the perfect "age 27 breakout" guy who could, under the right circumstances, hot streak his way into some playing time this year. Lutz has usually hit well when healthy but has a lot of problems staying away from the doctors.