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Community Discussion: Hydrogen Prospects

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Flaming Nazi Gasbag
Flaming Nazi Gasbag

So last night I was studying the 2013 MLB draft and came across the familiar phrase "helium prospects," referring to players having strong springs who are making a rapid rise up draft boards. The thought then crossed my mind: what about hydrogen prospects? Hydrogen rises too.

Hydrogen also explodes.

"Helium Prospect" has been in the baseball vernacular for years, but I don't think hydrogen prospect has. So let's change that. I propose that we define Hydrogen Prospect as a player who is making a rapid rise up draft boards or prospect lists, but who is destined to fail/explode/collapse in some way.

The ideal Hydrogen Prospect should be someone who is now considered (by consensus anyway) to be a top prospect, but that you expect will crash and burn. This should not be someone from the 2012 draft, since they've only just begun to play, so let's keep it to 2011 draftees/signees or earlier.

As we get deeper into the 2013 draft season we can discuss potential Hydrogen players for this spring's draft class, but for now I want to concentrate on players who are already in pro ball.

Who is your pick for Hydrogen Prospect?