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Cuban Pitcher Yadier Pedroso Killed in Car Accident

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Yadier Pedroso
Yadier Pedroso
Koji Watanabe

Cuban pitcher Yadier Pedroso, who pitched for his country in the World Baseball Classic last week, has been killed in an automobile accident. He was 26 years old.

If you can read Spanish, here is an account. I can only read enough to understand that he was killed in a car wreck, but if anyone can do better and translate in the comments, feel free. Another Spanish article is here.

Here is an English language account from the Caribbean Journal.

Here are Pedroso's statistics from the Series Nationales, where he pitched for La Habana. He also pitched for the Cuban team in the 2008 Summer Olympics, the 2005 and 2009 Baseball World Cup competitions, and the 2011 Pan American games.

Pedroso was a 6-1, 220 pound right-hander, born June 9th, 1986.

That's video of Pedroso pitching last week. Watching this gives me a Nick Adenhart vibe.

Obviously this is a devastating loss for his family and his country. Best wishes to his family, teammates, and nation.