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Minor League Ball Gameday Discussion, March 16

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Adam Eaton, the outfielder
Adam Eaton, the outfielder

Good morning prospect watchers. Here is today's daily thread for sharing news and prospect information from spring camps in Florida and Arizona. On the agenda today:

***My main internet connection is down, and I have to connect via alternate means until AT&T sends me a new modem. This will reduce my work efficiency for awhile, since the alternate connection is much slower than what I normally have, slow enough that some critical websites and anything loaded with graphics are taking three or four minutes to load a page. The outage also shuts off my telephone and cable TV. I still have my cellphone, but it isn't a smart phone so that doesn't help much in the connectivity department. Ah, First World problems.

***My main goal right now is to finish that list of prospect retros. I made a good start today with George Brett and CC Sabathia. Mike Schmidt is up next for tomorrow, then John Lackey.

***Check out this fanpost (includes video!) from community member melotticus about 2013 MLB Draft prospect Clint Frazier.

***Grant Brisbee weighs in on Japanese star pitcher Masahiro Tanaka (includes video!) and his stated desire to pitch in the United States.

***Nice Q&A from with Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Adam Eaton. I particularly like this part: Is it true that you've accidentally gotten licensing royalty checks meant for former pitcher Adam Eaton?

Just one time, last year in Spring Training. This guy handed me six checks for maybe $20,000 each, and my eyes just lit up until I figured out what was going on. We've been confused before, so I'm kind of used to it, but the confusion doesn't usually involve large checks.

***Former top prospect and current Detroit Tigers farmhand Cesar Carrillo has been suspended 100 games for violating MLB's drug policy.