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Minor League Ball Gameday Discussion, March 14

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Billy Hamilton
Billy Hamilton

Good afternoon prospect watchers. Here is your daily thread for discussion regarding Cactus and Grapefruit League spring training action. Other potential items for your interest and time-killing today:

***Cincinnati Reds speed demon Billy Hamilton strained his hamstring last week and hasn't played since, though he reportedly looked fine in Wednesday workouts.

***Remember how Casey Kelly had a sore elbow last year, but it wasn't supposed to be a big deal and he came back to pitch effectively and we were just supposed to forget about it? Well the Padres prospect is back on the shelf again and might need Tommy John surgery.

***Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Carlos Gomez is much richer today after signing a contract extension. Marc Normandin breaks down the contract and reviews his career.

***Ray Guilfoyle writes up five hitters to avoid in 2013 for your fantasy teams. He has some big names there including Albert Pujols. Do you agree with him?

***Cormac McCarthy reviews the Kansas City Royals.

***New York Mets pitching prospect Steven Matz is profiled at The Tommy John survivor is a lefty with a very live arm, but he hasn't stayed healthy long enough to show it off. That might change in 2013.