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Minor League Ball Upcoming Schedule

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Spring is almost here
Spring is almost here
John Sickels, SB Nation/Vox Media

With the Top 150 Prospects for 2013 list complete, here are the next tasks at hand here at Minor League Ball.

***I will be around most of the day to answer your questions in the Top 150 thread.

***I'm going to tackle the list of Prospect Retrospectives I have promised you, which includes George Brett, Mike Schmidt, Jason Schmidt, CC Sabathia, Tom Glavine, Ken Griffey Jr., John Lackey, Randy Johnson, Chase Utley, and Vida Blue, plus anyone topical who seems like a good case to study. I want to get all of these done as quickly as possible so I can shift gears into the regular season.

***Kevin Gausman vs. Kyle Zimmer Smackdown

***More 2013 Major League Baseball draft reports.

***Continued college baseball coverage from Brendon Booth, Joe Cialone, and Chris Slade.

***Updating and reconciling the team/organization prospect lists and grades to reflect what is on the Top 150 list. This will take some time but I want to have it finished by Opening Day.

***More Off-Topic Airplane Blogging. I have some good ones!