First impressions and first person views of Clint Frazier

I decided to make the trip out to Loganville, GA tonight to check out the 2 top high school prospects in the nation, Austin Meadows and Clint Frazier. Its very easy to say that Frazier stole the show tonight. My first view of Frazier was in the bottom of the 3rd inning as Grayson had just tacked the first two runs of the game on the board in the top half. He started the at bat fouling off a high fastball. After taking an inside heater for a ball he took a mighty rip and came up empty on a low slider to bring the count to 1-2. Ahead in the count, the pitcher wasted a fastball below the zone then doubled up with another low fastball to get Frazier looking. Things unraveled in the following inning for Grayson though. Frazier would come up to bat again as the 8th batter of the inning with men on first and second with the score tied up at 3-3. Then this happened.

Clint Frazier 1st HR Loganville vs Grayson 3.12.13 (via Nick Melotte)

This ball was an absolute moon shot. It cleared the fence in left center which is about 350 ft from home, then it went another 75 ft or so across the road that ran behind the field. As you can see by Frazier's reaction, it was a no doubter. A member of the Baseball America crew I was standing near gave him a 60 on the 20-80 scale for post-contact pimpage. Personally I would have given it a 70. His hands were lightning fast and everything looked so smooth. When people say you hear a special sound off the bat of special players, they aren't lying. It just sounded different when he makes contact.

His next at bat came in the bottom of the 6th inning. Loganville was up 8-4 by this time. The starter who I did not get the name or number of came out after hitting the first batter of the inning. Grayson brought in right hander Taylor Allum to face Frazier and here is what happened.

Clint Frazier 2nd HR Loganville vs Grayson 3.12.13 (via Nick Melotte)

Allum starts him off with a low slider that Frazier took a hack at and came up empty. He followed with a low fastball for a called strike. His third pitch was a ball that went straight in the air to left. Off the bat it looked like a lazy fly ball but it just stayed in the air. In the video you can see the left fielder drifting back to the wall and it clears the fence by about 10-15 ft. Frazier muscled that one out to finish off his night. That shot put Loganville up 10-4 and they would tack on another 4 runs with a grand slam to run-rule Grayson 14-4.