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Fangraphs Releases Top 100 Prospects List

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Julio Teheran
Julio Teheran

Marc Hulet at Fangraphs released his Top 100 Prospects list today, which you can find at the link. As with any prospect list, it can be nitpicked to death, especially the lower in the list you go. In general it strikes me as a solid list. Here are a few observations.

***Twins uber-tools outfield prospect Byron Buxton ranks at 16th for Marc. He'll be lower on my list for reasons that I'll explain tomorrow.

***Julio Teheran checks in at #19. In the comments section, Marc says that after consulting with the organization, he agrees with the idea Teheran has solved the glitches that troubled him last year. I'm hearing similar things.

***No Tyler Austin, though Marc says he would be in the 100-110 range.

***Tommy John recovery guy Lucas Giolito checks in at 70. Enigmatic Texas Rangers prospect Martin Perez ranks at 73.

***Marc prefers Travis D'Arnaud over Mike Zunino, though they are ranked right next to each other at #11 and #12.

My own Top 150 Prospects list will be posted tomorrow morning at 7 AM Central Time.