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Minor League Ball Gameday Discussion and Links, March 1

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Nolan Arenado, Mr. Roboto
Nolan Arenado, Mr. Roboto

Good afternoon prospect fans. Use this thread to discuss news and happenings and results from today's spring training contests in Florida and Arizona. A few possible links of interest for you.

**** has this breakdown on Jurickson Profar vs. Oscar Taveras including spray charts and park factors from the Texas League. This article is worth a close study.

****Baseball Nation's Grant Brisbee on the Houston Astros and international scouting.

****Should the Arizona Diamondbacks give Paul Goldschmidt a contract extension? Is he gritty enough?

****My old mentor Bill James says that Washington Nationals manager Davey Johnson belongs in the Hall of Fame. Do you agree?

****Philadelphia Phillies pitching prospect Ethan Martin threw two scoreless innings yesterday, looking very good while doing so. I think I'll get a prospect note up about him this weekend.

****Colorado Rockies prospect Nolan Arenado helped turn a triple play yesterday. He's an interesting case: scouts weren't sure about his glove coming out of high school but loved his bat. Now, his defense is really quite good, but people wonder if he'll hit enough.

****Mark Prior signed a free agent contract with the Cincinnati Reds. Seems like a good time to write up a Prospect Retro about him.