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Minor League Ball Gameday Discussion and Links, February 28

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Michael Wacha
Michael Wacha
Chris Trotman

Minor League Ball Gameday Discussion and Links, February 28th

Good day prospect watchers. Here's the daily thread to discuss Cactus and Grapefruit League action with our usual (but not mandatory!) focus on rookies and prospects.

In today's news:

***Cuban outfielder Henry Urrutia finally got his visa paperwork together and is on his way to Baltimore Orioles camp.

Urrutia is a switch-hitter with a listed birthday of February 13, 1987. The Orioles spent $778,500 to sign him last summer. Scouting reports are mixed: some say he profiles as a regular outfielder with power and patience from both sides of the plate, others indicate that he's more of a gap hitter who projects as a good fourth outfielder. Even his height/weight data is inconsistently reported: he is either 6-3, 185 or 6-5, 195 depending on the source. I assume that the smaller size is from when he's younger but until we see him in person it is hard to say.

I can't find any video of him and with varying scouting reports, it is hard to make a judgment on what the Orioles have here. He did hit well in Cuba, batting .397/.461/.597 in 2010, his last year in the Cuban League. Best bet is that he'll begin the year in Double-A working the rust off.

***I've been on the bandwagon for St. Louis Cardinals prospect Michael Wacha since last spring, and his excellent performance yesterday certainly doesn't change my mind.

***Later today: Prospect Retrospective for Vernon Wells.