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Minor League Ball Gameday Discussion: February 26

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Allen Webster
Allen Webster

Time marches on; it's now February 26th and March is around the corner. We had another seven inches of snow last night....heavy, wet stuff, very hard to shovel, with a layer of ice underneath. My valiant wife tried to go to work but didn't make it out of the driveway.

In any event, interesting items of note from yesterday's spring training games.

***Jason Parks at Baseball Prospectus posted his Top 101 Prospects yesterday.

***Boston Red Sox prospect Allen Webster showed an outstanding arm against the Blue Jays yesterday, hitting 98 MPH. It's never been a question of stuff for him; he just needs to throw strikes. Teammate Jackie Bradley went 3-for-3.

***Detroit Tigers prospect Nick Castellanos beat Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon with a homer yesterday.

***White Sox prospect Jared Mitchell hit a triple and drove in two runs. Lots of buzz from White Sox camp about how good he looks with another attempt to revamp his swing, but of course, they always say that.

What's on the agenda today? Use this thread to discuss happenings in the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues.