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Minor League Ball Gameday Discussion: February 25

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This is new 2013 stock footage, not old stock footage
This is new 2013 stock footage, not old stock footage

Here's today's Gameday discussion threat for spring training games and prospects. Here are some interesting links for you.

***In case you didn't notice, we are adding a new name to the Minor League Ball lineup. Please welcome Brendon Booth, who will be keeping us up-to-date each week on the major happenings in college baseball.

***Nice question-and-answer session with San Francisco Giants pitching prospect Kyle Crick. Apparently Crick is into "hot yoga." Hmmm.

***Do you believe in Danny Hultzen?

***Check out TwinkieTown's Top 20 Minnesota Twins prospects for 2013.

***Speaking of the Twins, Kyle Gibson reportedly hit 96 MPH yesterday. More on him later this week.

***Beyond the Boxscore's look at the different ways to break down player makeup.

***Christian Garcia is hurt again. In other news, there is oxygen in the air and Bill Gates is rich.

What's going on in spring camp today?