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Minor League Ball Daily Discussion, February 24

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Bryce Harper connects
Bryce Harper connects

Quote of the day from yesterday's Grapefruit League action comes from Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper, regarding New York Mets pitching prospect Zack Wheeler:

"He's got some good stuff, definitely. He's exciting to watch, too. They've got [Matt] Harvey and him, two young guys that can really pitch and throw hard and have pretty good secondary stuff. It was good to face a guy like that today."---Bryce Harper

I love that Harper refers to Wheeler and Matt Harvey as "young guys." Wheeler is two years older than Harper, Harvey three.

In any event, Wheeler looked great in his two-inning stint with the Mets, fanning two with a walk and a hit. He's still likely to open the year in Triple-A, but he's a good bet to get a trial in the second half, much as Harvey did last year.

Use this thread to discuss Sunday's spring training happenings.

Depending on which computer model you believe, parts of the Midwest will get up to two feet of snow Monday and Tuesday, including me. Stay warm guys!