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Minor League Ball Daily Discussion: February 23, 2013

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Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a discussion thread for today's spring training games. During the regular season, there will be a daily discussion thread to talk about what's happening in the minors and prospectdom. I want to experiment a little bit with the format this year and will run some prototypes this spring.

There has always been a ton of community involvement with these posts and that won't change; you guys have run the daily discussions and that's not going anywhere. I simply don't have time to put the lists of interesting daily minor league starting pitchers together, for example.

But I also want to make sure that the daily discussion thread gets posted every day. I may designate/appoint trusted people to make sure that happens....or maybe not, that is up to you. But I want to make the format consistent and that the informational content (starting pitchers, etc) is something that people can count on.

Anyway, I'm open to ideas on that. But to get started, here is a thread for Saturday.