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Shameless Book Plug: Buy the 2013 Baseball Prospect Book!

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Time for another shameless book plug!

Buy the 2013 Baseball Prospect Book today! We still have some hard copies available, but they are selling quickly and we do expect to sell out before the baseball season begins. There are no reprints, so if you want a paper book, order ASAP! We ship books daily.

We also sell a .pdf copy and have .pdf copies going back to 2003. The .pdf gets e-mailed once a day in the late evening, so if you order the .pdf you should have it in your email box by midnight that day. If you have any questions, please email my wife Jeri at

You can only order the book via paypal at, or you can send me a check/money order.

The book contains prospect reports on 1210 players and is almost 600 pages long. I work to make it as informative and entertaining as possible. Minor League Ball will always be free, and the book helps me keep it that way! The book is indispensable for fantasy players and general baseball fans looking to the future. I make a particular effort to point out Sleeper prospects who are under the radar but won't stay that way.

Support small business! Buy the Baseball Prospect Book today!