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Baseball America's Top 100 Prospects for 2013 Released

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Wil Myers
Wil Myers

Baseball America has released their Top 100 Prospects for 2013.

You don't have to have a BA subscription to access the list, although the very worthwhile commentary from Jim Callis and the tools breakdown is understandably behind the subscriber wall.

I don't see any really giant surprises, but here are some items that stand out to me. This isn't nitpicking or intended as criticism, but rather observations.

***BA ranks Byron Buxton of the Twins at 10th but Carlos Correa of the Astros at 13th. This fits in with their generally optimistic take on Buxton's offensive development path.

***They rank outfielder Mason Williams of the Yankees at 33, ahead of Albert Almora and Jorge Soler of the Cubs at 34 and 35. The BA staff is very optimistic about Williams, reflecting the enthusiasm of their scouting sources.

***Jake Marisnick of the Marlins is ranked aggressively at 64. They buy into his tools strongly and don't seem to be as worried about his hitting troubles against better pitching as much as I am.

***Jedd Gyorko of the Padres clocks in at 71 despite his major league-ready bat, reflecting BA and scouting take on his athleticism and projection, plus questions about his glove.

***Hak-Ju Lee of the Rays at 90 and Delino DeShields of the Astros at 99 might raise some hackles in Houston.

***The rankings of Williams, Marisnick, and Lee in particular show how BA is weighting defense in their rankings.