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This Week at Minor League Ball

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Here is what we're working on at Minor League Ball.

****Prospect Smackdown for Javier Baez vs. Xander Bogaerts
****Looking at Cuban Outfield Prospects
****Prospect Smackdown for Kyle Zimmer vs. Kevin Gausman
****Possible "sleeper prospects" for the '13 draft.
****Anything important that happens in spring training of course.
****More excerpts from the 2013 Baseball Prospect Book.
****Hope to make progress on Special Project CB.
****Prospect Retrospective List: Next in line are Kenny Lofton and Robin Ventura. Beyond that, Randy Johnson, George Brett, Mike Schmidt, Jason Schmidt, Tom Glavine, Ken Griffey Jr., John Lackey, Brandon Moss, and Vida Blue are on the list but in no particular order. We may add others if something noteworthy occurs in the news about a particular player.