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Prospect Profile: Jurickson Profar, SS, Texas Rangers

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Jurickson Profar
Jurickson Profar
Layne Murdoch

The 2013 Baseball Prospect Book is shipping and now reaching readers.

One of the things that my book format allows me to do is write in my own voice and take a few creative opportunities that you might not see in other books of the same genre. Here is a good example.

Here is my take on Jurickson Profar, the Number One position prospect in baseball (in my opinion).

Jurickson Profar, SS, Texas Rangers
Bats: S Throws: R HT: 5-11 WT: 170 DOB: February 20, 1993
2011: Grade B+; 2012: Grade A

Put simply and succinctly, Jurickson Profar kicks ass.

He does all the stuff you want a prospect to do. He hits for a solid average. He hits for power, good power for a shortstop anyway. He steals bases, and he does it at a sabermetrically-sound percentage. He draws walks. He plays excellent defense. He works hard, thrives under pressure, is highly intelligent, and has a great personality. Jurickson Profar does not do the things that you don't want a prospect to do. He doesn't strike out too much. He doesn't swing at pitches three feet off the plate. He doesn't run himself into outs. He doesn't make a huge number of errors. He doesn't snarl at the press or alienate his teammates.

Take all the positive things, and the lack of negative things, and combine that with a guy who has been very young for his levels and you have, well, Jurickson Profar. With Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, and Manny Machado safely ensconced in the majors, Profar is now the best prospect in baseball. With additional physical maturity, this is a guy who could win Gold Gloves while hitting .300, hitting 15 homers, stealing 20 bases, drawing 80 walks, and charming puppies and kittens and beat reporters all across North America. Grade A.


Anyway, we are shipping hard copy books out daily. If you order a .pdf copy, those get emailed a couple of times a day.

Thanks to everyone who has ordered!