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Off-Topic Community Discussion: What Are You Reading?

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We haven't had one of these threads in awhile, but they are usually pretty popular.

What books are you currently reading? One of my strange personal secrets is that I don't read books about baseball in my off-duty hours. Usually I've stuck with non-fiction, but have been trying to work more creative works into my reading lately to keep my mind from going stale.

I recently finished The Cherokee Trail, a mediocre Louis L'Amour Western novel that I pulled at random off the discount bookshelf at a local grocery store. Not great literature by any means, but it was mildly entertaining.

Before that I read The Warlord and the Renegade by James Wylie, a non-fiction book about Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goering and his brother Albert. Albert was anti-Nazi and engaged in Oskar Schindler-like activities to save as many people as he could from persecution and death at the hands of his Hitler and his brother. Hermann had to bail Albert out of trouble with the Gestapo several times, yet never tried to stop his brother from saving dozens, perhaps hundreds of Jews from the Nazi regime. Fascinating story about Albert's courage, family dynamics, and the bizarre contradictory personality of Hermann Goering, who had no qualms about helping Hitler kill millions of people, but who was horribly offended by cruelty to animals and passed strict laws against it.

My next book to read is In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson, which keeps with the World War Two theme. After that I will switch back to fiction, probably turning back to C.S. Forester and his Hornblower novels.

What are you reading?