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Boston Red Sox farm system preliminary grade breakdown

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Brandon Workman
Brandon Workman

I am working on the Boston Red Sox Top 20 prospects list for 2014. Thus far I have rated 36 players, with the grade breakdown as follows:

One Grade A
Two Grade B+
Three Grade B
Six  Grade B-
15  Grade C+
Nine  Grade C

I could go into the 50-range with Grade C guys, many of them with considerable upside but just too far away to rank more highly at this point. This is a system with very impressive depth.

Feel free to speculate which players fit with what grade...that's why I'm posting this, after all. Yes, Xander Bogaerts is the Grade A. Who else could it be? There's considerable fluidity with the B-range prospects, so the final tally may not be exactly like this preliminary breakdown, but it won't be far off from this.