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San Francisco Giants farm system preliminary grade breakdown

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An early look at the grading for the San Francisco Giants farm system.

Bruce Bochy
Bruce Bochy
Thearon W. Henderson

I am slowly but steadily whittling down the San Francisco Giants prospect list. Here are the early results.

I am grading 34 players for the Giants this year, although there were another 10-15 guys I could mention but time and space limits will preclude full ratings. Thus far, I have the following grades

Grade A-:   1
Grade B+:   0
Grade B:     4
Grade B-:    8
Grade C+:   9
Grade C:   12

Feel free to speculate. You know you want to. The Grade A- is obviously Kyle Crick but after that it gets tougher, with a lot of guys clustered in the mid-range B/B-/C+ area.